Michelle Stoney

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Gitxsan/Cree First Nations art

Michelle Stoney (b.1983)

Native Contemporary artist

Artist Biography

I create art because it’s a way for me to connect with my culture. My inspiration comes from my late grandfather, Victor Mowatt. I use Northwest Coast form line in every work I accomplish. My goal as an artist is to create unique First Nations art. My work signifies the past, present and future. I take pleasure in trying to produce something that has never been done before.

My mother is Gitxsan and my father is Cree. I was raised in the Gitxsan tradition my whole life. Being raised by a single mother, I never had the opportunity to learn my Cree culture. While studying at Emily Carr University, I took the opportunity to research Cree artists and incorporate some Cree influences into my work. The form line is taken from my Gitxsan heritage; the bright colors and black outlines are taken from my Cree heritage. By incorporating two distinct First Nations’ cultures, I feel that I am contributing positively to the future of First Nations’ art.

I was raised in the Gitxsan territory, in the house of Delgamuukw. I work mainly in the medium of acrylic painting and metal sculpture. I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2012 and was awarded the YVR Art Foundation award in 2009. With the teachings of my late grandfather, Victor Mowatt, I moved back to my community and I am currently working on a mountain series of Stygyoden (Roche de Boule) as well as teaching my style of painting to the surrounding villages.