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colouring book Vol.1

Be Kind

Date: September 29, 2020

Created for Pink Shirt Day. On February 24th, 2021, everyone is reminded to be kind to everyone they meet and wear pink to symbolize that we do not tolerate bullying in any way, shape or form.

Frontline Feather

Date: March 27, 2020

The Frontline Feather was created in response to my desire to show support for our frontline workers. Doctors, nurses, health care workers, and everyone else that works to ensure we are staying safe – we need to help them out and flatten the curve.

Easter Bunny

Date: April 10th, 2020

This little bunny was a suggestion from one of my followers. And so, I made it for Easter. It has become a favourite among children and the child-at-heart ☺

Easter Egg

Date: April 9th, 2020

I made this Easter Egg in response to the physical distancing during the Easter Holidays. It was awesome to see all the coloured Easter Eggs plastered to peoples’ homes.

Praying Hands

April 8th, 2020

These praying hands came as a suggestion from my brother, Alex. The Gitxsan have prayed to Creator since time immemorial. We continue to pray to Creator today in all of our highs and lows.

YACC Unicorn

Date: March 24th, 2020

This is the colouring page that started it all! I made this for all my YACC friends. My sister, Tamara, is two time cancer survivor and YACC member. I am her supporter at YACC conferences. I have attended two YACC conferences. I noticed that a lot of cancer survivors really connected to the unicorn symbol and what it represents. I wanted to show my support to Young Adult Cancer Canada and help them raise funds to continue the important work they do for people with cancer and cancer survivors.

1/12 of the proceeds to this colouring book go towards the YACC foundation. You can go to (insert website) to learn more about YACC and what they represent.


Date: May 4th, 2020

The inspiration for the dragon was from a girl named Olivia. You may notice I have touched up some colouring pages in comparison to when I posted them online. My goal was to make the colouring pages in this book more intricate compared to when I first released them on Facebook and Instagram.


Date: May 5th, 2020

This mermaid was inspired by my little friend Eloise! She loves mermaids and I thought it would be a great challenge for me to make into a Gitxsan piece.


Date: May 12th, 2020

This phoenix was inspired by my first mural collaboration. It was a first draft that didn’t make the final cut but has since found a home in this colouring book!


Date: May 26th, 2020

This one was a suggestion from one of my Facebook followers. It is popular among many of my followers who believe in the big hairy cyptid.

Salmon Heart

Date: August 2, 2020

This image won the Viewer’s Choice Award at the Skeena Salmon Arts Festival that is held every year during the summer season. For more information on the Skeena Salmon Arts Festival, visit

Sun & Orca

Date: November 30, 2019

A husband commissioned the original image for his lucky wife!

Bear Mountain

Date: August 17, 2017

This image was an idea I had. I wanted to put a mountain image inside of another animal besides the salmon, which was the first animal I combined with the mountain motif.

Salmon People

Date: May 29, 2018

This is another image taken from the Skeena Salmon Arts Festival, from 2018. It was one of three judge’s choice picks. I made this when I was attending the Native Education College’s jewelry course in Vancouver.

Humming Bird & Orca

Date: September 3rd, 2020

This image was originally a commission from a friend for a friend of mine. A newly wed couple that was expecting their first child the Hummingbird and Orca represent the parents and the flower represents their child.


Date: June 9th , 2020

This image was taken as a suggestion from one of my followers.

Smudge Stegyoden

Date: November 28th, 2020

This image was sitting in my head for a while before I finally created it. I always look at our beautiful mountain and find myself in awe by how much it changes. One thing I particularly love about Stegyoden is when it looks like it’s smoking, as if the smoke is coming right out of the mountain. The first image I saw in the mountain itself was a person, and so I wanted to portray that in this image. I see it as the Simoget in the mountain is smudging him/herself clean.

Native Warrior

Date: October 4th, 2020

Indigenous Peoples all over the world have endured so much hate, discrimination and genocide from colonization. This continues to this day and yet we continue to proudly declare our identity to the world.

We Are All Gitxsan

Date: August, 2020

The original image was entered into a Canucks Fan T-shirt Design Contest in which I received an honourable mention. I have updated to show my Gitxsan Pride!

Turtle Island

Date: July 24th, 2019

Inspired by a Turtle Island pendant I made for a friend’s birthday. I originally created this image for a mosaic project for a kids’ summer camp in Quebec.

Sugar Skull

Date: October 3rd, 2020

This was inspired by my colleague Big Beau Smith. During an entrepreneur course, Beau mentioned that my work fit well in a “Sugar Skull”.

Every Child Matters

Date: September 13th, 2020

My sister and her colleagues at Hazelton Secondary School wanted a local artist to design a Every Child Matters t-shirt for their school. It was their idea to incorporate a hand and a mountain. The feathers represent the children that didn’t get to come home from the Indian Residential Schools but their lives will never be forgotten. The flowers represent our children today.

Halloween Pumpkin

Date: October 6th, 2020

I wanted to create an image for Halloween. The Halloween Pumpkin is the most well-known image that represents the holiday. I wanted to indigenize the Halloween Pumpkin and came up with this little guy wearing a warrior’s hat instead of a witch’s hat.

Gitxsan Snowflake

Date: October 7th, 2020

In the Gitxsan territory, we live through winter for close to 4 months of the year. I wanted to create an image that represents the longest season of the year.

Christmas Candle

Date: October 8th, 2020

I wanted to create this image not only to represent Christmas but also to recognize that this is a time to remember lost love ones. We light a candle in remembrance of them during the darkest times of the year.